Since its launching in the academic year 2009, Sakthi College of Arts and Science has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in all the Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Pre-doctoral Programmes. As it is an affiliated institution, it strictly adheres to the Curriculum, the Common Structure and the Syllabi, prescribed by Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal. In this Digital Era, the learner-centric curriculum, offered by the college is in par with the education, imparted at the global level.


Outcome-based Education (OBE) is yet another milestone in Higher Education. Since the academic year 2018, as per the directions of the Mother University, Sakthi College has moved to OBE, which gives place for competency-based curriculum. The learning objectives and outcomes of the Programmes are set, following the Bloom’s Taxonomy Cognitive Domain. Accordingly, it is broken into six levels of learning objectives of each course. They are -

  • K1 / Knowledge = Remember
  • K2 / Comprehension = Understand
  • K3 / Application = Apply
  • K4 / Analysis = Analyze
  • K5 / Evaluation = Evaluate
  • K6 / Synthesis = Create

For each Programme, the Educational Objectives and the Specific Objectives are specified. The Programme Outcomes are designed according to the curriculum, teaching, learning and evaluation process. For each Course, the definite Outcomes are set, giving place to the cognitive domain. The Course Outcomes are mapped with the Programme Outcomes. The performance of the stakeholders is assessed and the attainment rate is fixed, by using the measurements ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’. This analysis enables the betterment of the Teaching, Learning and the Evaluation processes. Mapping the Programme Educational Objectives with the Institutional Objectives enables the teaching faculty to judge and strengthen the academic performance and makes its learners

  • researchers
  • innovators
  • professionals
  • Empowered women and above all,
  • the best and responsible citizens of India.

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