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Sakthi College of Arts and Science has been functioning under Sowdamman Charitable Trust. It is governed by the Management Committee, headed by the Chairman. The perspective plans of the Committee in rising and augmenting the infra-structure facilities of the college are in accordance with the Mission Statements of the college. The utmost efforts have been taken to create a positive learning environment to the learners.




The college campus spreads over 5.2 acres, with four buildings, meant for academic and administrative purposes. They are well-maintained, electrified and supplied with water facility. The whole campus is serene and eco-friendly, creating an academic ambience.




The institution has spacious, well- ventilated and adequately furnished classrooms. There are 55 classrooms in total to accommodate the students of Under-graduate, Post-graduate and the scholars of the Pre-doctoral Degree Programmes. Each class is provided with fan, LED bulbs, light, adequate seating facilities. The classrooms consist of a raised platform and the traditional blackboard for better teaching activity. The greenery around spreads the message of goodness to the learners. All class rooms are connected to the Principal’s Chamber with Public Addressing system. The furniture provided in the class rooms is sufficient enough so that the students enjoy comfortable seating arrangement.



Quality education is an essential requisite in today’s competitive environment. The smart class is a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement. The smart classrooms help to transforms the traditional education system to a modernized pattern. It provides upgraded education to students through better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic attainment.

In Sakthi college of Arts and Science, 5 classrooms have been converted into smart classrooms, equipped with latest ICT tools, which can facilitate better teaching and learning atmosphere. At times, these class rooms are used for conducting seminar and conference sessions also.



Sakthi College of Arts and Science has the pride of owning 09 laboratories.

  • UG Chemistry Lab – 1
  • PG Chemistry Lab – 1
  • UG Physics Lab – 1
  • PG Physics Lab – 1
  • Zoology Lab – 1
  • Computer Science Labs – 4

The equipments and articles in the laboratories are properly utilized for doing practical experiments and projects by the students. Students are divided into batches to make optimum utilization of laboratories. The equipments and articles in the laboratories are properly maintained and replaced at times of breakage.


One among the noble mission statements of the college is ‘Enriching the intellectual life on the campus with extensive use of technological aids and upgraded learning content’. In accordance with it, the college has established 4 air-conditioned computer laboratories, well furnished with 176 computers. All the computers with latest high configuration are connected with LINUX / WINDOWS servers. With the assistance of 250 KVA Generators, there is a flow of 150 KVA uninterrupted power supply. Internet facility with 300 Mbps (Leased line 24 hrs) with Wi-Fi Connectivity is available in the campus. Internet facility is available in 60 computers in the laboratories.



The laboratory for Physics has been constructed in 2009 along wwith the introduction of the B.Sc., (Physics) Programme. As there has been a vast academic development, the laboratory has been established with more advanced equipments like He-Ne Laser, Ultrasonic Interferometer, Four probes, Zeeman Effect, Muffle Furnace, Quince’s Apparatus, Mickelson Interferometer, Hall Effect, And Optical Fiber Communication, Highly Specialized Magnetic Stirrer, Centrifuge and Hot Plate. This advancement aids in the creative exploration of experimental and theoretical aspects.


There are two different laboratories, maintained by the PG & Research Department of Chemistry for the Under-graduate and Post-graduate and Pre-doctoral Degree Programmes. Sufficient number of equipments and facilities are available in both the laboratories. The apparatus such as Double Distilled Unit and Sonicater, Advanced UV Spectrometer, Heating Mantle etc. fulfil the research purpose also.


The partially automated library is a torch-bearer to many learners and researchers of this institution. Internet, Wi-Fi and INFLIBNET facilities and Institutional Membership in National Digital Library are available. The reading room with 100 seating capacity is spacious and convenient enough to accommodate more users at a time. The working hours of the library is 9.45 am to 4.30 pm on all working days, including the examination days. There are nearly 7000 books, meant for all subjects. The additional facilities available in the library are -

  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) facility
  • Internet access to all students and staff.
  • Partially automation with library management software.
  • Maintenance of database and regular accession to OPAC.
  • Availability of e-resources provided by INFLIBNET
  • Six computers, one printer and scanner with internet connectivity for public access.
  • Section wise signage: Circulation counter section, property counter section, News Paper Section, Periodical Section, Reference Section, Old question paper Section, Thesis and Dissertation Section, Stock Room Section, Back Volume Section and E-resources Section.
  • Information deployment and notification done by display of new arrivals, and newspaper clippings on career opportunities.
  • Motivation to students to be regular users of library through orientation programmes.
  • Monitoring by the Library Committee, comprising faculty and student representatives.
  • The RARE BOOK SHELF of the institution houses rare books, old books, limited-edition books, books that don't look like books, bound volumes of magazines and newspapers, prints, photographs and precious collection of maps. It is an acclaimed collection of unique items, constituting a resource of major importance to the institution and the scholarly world at large. All this and more is kept in the exclusive book rag of the library. The aim of this institution is to preserve and promote the use of these exceptional and distinctive materials for research, scholarship, and enjoyment. The Department of Library facilitates easy accession to this treasure house. The students engage in research, work on individual or group projects and explore new ideas. The past writings, containing the ever-living thoughts of the writers offer a good experience to delve deep into the thoughts and information of the past.



Since 2009, the Management of Sakthi College of Arts and Science has been providing a good hostel facility to the students and the faculty, hailing from far-off places. Sufficient arrangements have been made in the hostels to provide academically supportive, secured and above all affordable accommodation with homely ambience.

Facilities Provided in the Hostel:

  •  Capacity of Accommodation: 180
  •  Number of rooms – 45 to accommodate 4 students per room.
  •  CCTV Camera surveillance
  •  Mess with dividing system
  •  Common Dining hall
  •  Capacity to accommodate 200 students with self service system.
  •  Cot, Study Chair, Bureau and shelf for each student.
  •  Common Television, FM radio and DVD Player Facilities.
  •  Telephone Facility
  •  24 hours Power and Water Supply
  •  Purified Drinking Water Supply
  •  Indoor and Outdoor Games
  •  Generator
  •  Office room
  •  Counselling to the hostellers once in a month
  •  Patient listening to the hostelers’ grievances by the Head of the Institution
  •  Quick steps to redress the grievances.



An Auditorium with 2500 seating capacity with high-tech audio-system was constructed in 2017 by the management. There are two seminar halls with LCD projectors. They are fully furnished and maintained well to facilitate the conduction of Examinations, Seminars, Conferences and other academic meets.


The institution makes a variety of IT resources available to its members. They include all computer networks, wired or wireless, computers, printers, mobile devices, storage, audio visual systems, and associated information services. The resources are availed for the purpose of research, teaching, learning, associated administration or other authorized use. Some such optimal uses are -

  • The institution provides secure, network connections to all rooms on the main site, which enables members to access the service at various strategic areas within the College.
  • There are well-equipped computer laboratories, with scanners and printers (Laser and Dot Matrix), and a number of public access points in convenient locations around the College. It provides computing facilities to help the students with their academic work.
  • The institution ensures a consistent computing environment, by upgrading the IT facility available in the campus from 128 kpbs to 2mpbs version.
  • All departments have computer facilities, with PCs, offering a range of general and specialist software, as well as printers and scanners.
  • The Institution has established fully equipped ICT enabled class rooms which are used extensively for teaching, paper presentations, demonstrations etc.
  • The Department of Computer Science and Computer Applications provides a Help Desk service to all College members. This includes help and advice on computing issues and a limited disaster recovery service to help users get data back if their own computers fail.
  • To enable efficient dissemination of information and communication the Institutional website has been registered in the free domain and properly activated.
  • The faculty and the students use Laptops, LCD Projectors, Over-head Projectors, Web tools and Online resources at times of academic need.
  • Public Addressing system and Intercom facility are added advantages for easy dissemination of information.
  • The application for scholarship by the students is done online through ‘Tamilnadu E-district Scholarship System’.
  • Mobile LCD projectors with suitable accessories ensure intact usage of ICT tools whenever necessary in all departments.
  • The whole campus is brought under the CCTV surveillance, to ensure the security of the students.

The institution uses only the licensed software, with the computers, well-protected with K7 Anti-virus package. Information Technology needs to serve its users as best as possible and to take the role of an enabler, fostering innovation. So, the infrastructure is continuously upgraded. The institution is sure to invest in Information Technology still more in order to serve our students still better.


For keeping stress at bay and to enable the students to tolerate the potential stress associated with life, the college organizes a physical exercise and yoga session once in a week for freshers and hostelers and helps them to maintain harmony of body and spirit. It also increases attention span, improves memory and sharpens the focus of the students. It is also prolific for stress reduction, and emotional wellness. Every year the college conducts Yoga and Meditation classes for freshers. There is a separate Meditation Hall available in the hostel. The following table shows the users rate for the participation of Yoga and Meditation class for the past five years:


The progression of the college in the field of sports has been both consistent and remarkable. The students participate in District, Inter Collegiate Tournaments, and Inter University Tournaments and bring laurels to our college.

Sports Incentives:

  • In order to encourage students’ involvement in sports, there is a provision for sports quota in the admission.
  • Sports persons are exempted from paying college fees.
  • Merit certificates, medals, trophies are given for outstanding performance in sports.
  • Track-suits are provided to sports persons.
  • Teachers extend their help by providing them extra guidance in their studies, whenever required.

Prominent Play Grounds

Basket Ball Volley Ball
Badminton Ball Batminton
Kabaddi Kho-Kho
Throwball Tennicoit


“The basic education links the children, whether of the cities or of the villages, to all that is best and lasting in India.” Said Mahatma Gandhiji, the Father of our nation. Comprehending the essence of these words, Sakthi College of Arts and Science has been started in the year 2009, with the ultimate aim of bringing in the holistic development of the women learners with rural background. As most of them hail from the interior villages in and around the whole district, they meet with the transport constraints. The Management of the college has understood the practical difficulty, faced by the students and it has found pleasure in making convenient transport facility, exclusively for the students of the college. As a result, the college owns 32 college buses, plying up and down, making the journey safe and comfortable to the students.



  • 12 Staff rooms, meant for the faculty of each department separately.
  • Fire extinguisher installed in Chemistry laboratory and library.
  • Rain Water Harvesting pits, created inside the college campus to save the rain water.
  • Refreshments and food items at subsidized rates in the college canteen.
  • RO water purifier system.
  • Medical kit and the availability of doctors to attend to the needs of the sick students.
  • A closed parking area for two wheelers and an open parking area for heavy vehicles in the campus.
  • Plastic free college campus
The institution has a great concern for the improvement of infrastructure as it is a catalyst for effective function.

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